Share The
Gift of Healing.

At Sharing Miracles, celebrating the miracle of life and honoring the gift of donation are at the heart of everything we do.

Your gift may be able to help people with difficult medical conditions return to a more active lifestyle, allowing them to do the things they love.

About Sharing Miracles

Over 35 years ago, Biotissue founder and scientist Dr. Scheffer Tseng discovered the abundant biological properties in the human placenta and umbilical cord that promote wound healing.

Founded by Biotissue, Sharing Miracles was established to provide a supportive program to simplify the donation process. As a pioneer in regenerative medicine, Biotissue creates life-changing allografts to help promote a healing environment for patients to be able to regenerate, restore, and recover from difficult medical conditions.

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Birth Tissue Donation

Why Donate?

Biological properties in the placenta and umbilical cord help to promote regenerative healing. Grafts made from your birth tissue can help reduce inflammation and scarring while promoting a healing environment. These grafts can be used to facilitate the healing of patients with a wide range of conditions, including keratitis, corneal scars, glaucoma, diabetic foot ulcers, osteoarthritis, and chronic and non-healing wounds, to name a few.

Birth tissue donation is one of the easiest ways to make a significant impact on the lives of others. One donated placenta and umbilical cord can help up to 75 people. Think about the legacy a mother can create for her newborn. Coming into the world your baby can provide a second chance at life for those in need.

How to Donate?

Once you make the decision to donate, a Sharing Miracles team member will walk you through the process and coordinate the donation with your doctor and hospital performing your C-section.

The collection of your placenta and umbilical cord takes place after your baby is born. It will not affect your newborn’s delivery or the care you receive. There is no cost to you for any part of the donation process. There are no additional medications or medical procedures required.

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Sharing Miracles Testimonial

“I’m changing lives through my placenta. The fact the I’m changing so many lives out of this one act of generosity, I can’t even put it into words to be honest. What I would share with my son is that coming into the world, you’ve already made a difference in so many lives.”

We’re Proud to be a DONATE LIFE AMERICA Partner!

Through our parent company, Biotissue Inc., Sharing Miracles has partnered with Donate Life America to increase awareness for organ and tissue donation. Both organizations share a similar goal of supporting donor registrations and healing lives through transplantation.

Donate Life is a registered trademark of Donate Life America.