With more than three decades of experience in organ, eye and tissue banking, the team at Sharing Miracles understands the challenges you face.

We believe that the gift of birth tissue is precious and that every mother should have the opportunity to donate. Collaboration within our industry is essential.

To assist you, we offer a variety of services to support your needs.

At Sharing Miracles, we support the donation community through donor management, training, and program development. With our experience and resources, we can support and expand your Birth Tissue program.

Services Offered

Donor Management

Completion of your Informed Consent document by experienced coordinators

Completion of your Donor Risk Assessment interviews

Donor suitability evaluation based on your program’s criteria


Consent: Facilitation of informed consent

Evaluation: Teaching your staff the methods of donor suitability determination

Procurement: Ensuring the generous gift of birth tissue is acquired in an aseptic manner and complies with your program’s collection and packaging requirements

Program Development

Staffing: Program growth demands talented and competent staff. Sharing Miracles is here to support your procurement program with skilled, traveling staff to assist you in the start of your birth tissue program or to address program needs.

Development: Let us help you create learning paths for new employees, annual competencies, and remediation, to ensure competence and compliance.

Quality: Systems-based programs are essential to meeting the demands of this highly regulated industry. We are here to help you navigate the barriers to starting your own acquisition program.

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